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in Cape Royale

humanely using




  RETURN in order

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healthy cat










​About Us

Cape Kitty Rescue is a community organization dedicated to taking care of our Cape Royale feral cat population, through Trap Neuter Return, feeding, medical care and community education.

Cape Kitty Rescue was officially formed in July, 2013, and became a 501(c)3 in 2014.  Since our formation, we have served over 300 cats, either through spay or neuter, foster care and adoption placement for kittens, feeding feral cats, medical care, and any other services that a cat might need.   In an effort to reduce the number of unwanted cats in our larger community, in 2015 we became involved with a program to reach beyond the borders of our community and assist low income individuals in our larger area to spay or neuter their cats.  In 2021 we served 35 kittens, fostering 22 of them in our homes, and provided spay /neuter or re-home assistance  to 25 adult cats  .

Cape Kitty Village

For many years feral cats and abandoned pets have congregated around the Cape Royale Dumpsters.  Caring Cape residents have fed them and created many different kinds of shelters for them.  The Utility District recognizes that the cats keep down rats and snakes and have permitted them to stay there.   Some residents felt that the assortment of shelters was unattractive and called  for them to be removed. r Recently a Cape resident donated 4 houses to provide more attractive shelter. We now have 5 houses, a covered feeding station, a bulletin board where we provide information, as well as activity sheets for kids, a cat themed walk way, memorial area, and other things for the cats to provide them with a more attractive shelter.  They are fed quality food twice daily.


What some once saw as an eyesore has become a "tourist attraction". 

We also feed other free-roaming cats in the community as well as colonies in Coldspring, as needed.

Clipped Ear Club


​When adult feral cats are trapped, spayed or neutered and given a rabies shot, their ear is clipped.  This helps us identify them, as well as letting the community know that these cats are in our care.  We try to return them to near where they were trapped, unless people there want them relocated.  Then they are taken to the Village.  We have many cats living in small colonies cared for by residents as "yard cats".    Many residents pay for the spay/neuter but if they can't, we will!  The cats repay with rodent and snake control.



​FERAL KITTENS  Just because they are born to feral moms doesn't mean they are wild!  Captured early, they are as sociable as pet-born kittens!   Even up to 8 weeks they socialize quickly.  After receiving  check-ups, preventive meds, flea baths, any other treatments needed, and being total socialized, they are put out for adoption, preferably outside the Cape.​  We have kittens all over the Houston area, League City, Arizona, and other parts unknown.  In 2020 we have rescued 8 feral kittens from the Cape.  In 2019 we rescued 9 kittens born in the Cape to moms who we believe were "drop offs".


OTHER KITTENS:  As the number of feral cats has decreased, so has the number of feral kittens.   We do not have a shelter and all fostering is done in our homes.   When space was available, we have taken in orphan or abandoned kittens from outside Cape Royale.  In 2019 we took 9 kittens from animal control, 7 of which were found at the city dump.  We took several kittens found by the roadside.  In 2019 we fostered a total of 35 kittens, all of which were adopted.  


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